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TV Shows I Want to Watch in 2018

I rarely start watching new TV shows anymore, and I think that’s going to continue this year. However, there are some shows that I’ve already started watching and want to finish or catch up on soon.

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The first show I want to finish in 2018 is The Fosters. This is a Freeform show about a family that’s mainly made up of adopted kids. The show was cancelled recently and the fifth season will be the last. The finale will air on March 13, 2018. Counting the two episodes that will come out that day, I have ten episodes left to watch.

Another show I want to continue is one I recently started watching: the fourth season of Fresh off the Boat. Fresh off the Boat is a sitcom about a Taiwanese-American family that moves from Chinatown in Washington, D.C. to Florida. I didn’t like sitcoms at all until I started watching this one, which I love. I have thirteen episodes left to watch, and then I’ll finish watching the fourth season. The season finale will air on March 20, 2018. This video is what made me want to start watching the show:

The last TV show I want to catch up on is Jane the Virgin. Jane the Virgin is a telenovela-like drama that airs on the CW. It’s about a woman who is accidentally artificially inseminated. I started watching this show for the first time this year, before classes started, and I watched the first three seasons. The fourth season is currently airing, though I haven’t watched any of those episodes. Jane the Virgin is a really funny show, so I want to watch the fourth season soon. The fourth season will consist of 17 episodes, which means that’s the amount of episodes I have to watch in order to catch up.

Those are all of the shows I want to watch this year! I’m sure there will probably be another show I’ll want to watch later on, but I want to finish these ones first. What show(s) do you want to watch in 2018?